Diankamin, 15 years of success in the heating business.

Diankamin is the Dianflex s.r.l. dedicated brand to the world of heating and heating accessories.
In the year 1982, Antonio Di Mieri founded DianFlex,DIdimieriANantonioFLEXflessibili, specializing in the production and sale of alloy hoses for faucets.

Addressing the plumbing retailers, he realizes that the market needs a "wholesaler", that is, an intermediate figure between the factories and the retailers. From here begins the "distribution".

As customers increasingly trust this young company, products increase, requests increase, up to the need to open a small warehouse near the house.

This is how the "DianFlex Distribution" was born, which will grow exponentially over the years, becoming today a company of reference in the HydroTermo-Sanitary sector.

In addition to the strategic capabilities, the constant attention to customers and the choice to maintain a high level of quality, both in terms of products and services, contributed to this growth. And this attention to the customer has led to the creation of brands dedicated to the various strategic areas. Hence the decision to create the DIANKAMIN brand back in 2003, after a first phase of experimentation on the market that brought satisfactions and positive feedback.

Today DIANKAMIN is a well-known, young and dynamic brand that wants to expand its reputation within the sector it belongs to. Proof of this is the presence at trade fairs, such as Progetto Fuoco in Verona, and the presence of the brand as well as in the domestic market, also in other countries such as Belgium, France, Greece and Poland.